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Health and Safety Policy

General running guidelines:

• Wear light, bright-coloured, and/or reflective clothing. Vitally important as many of our 8:00pm runs during the year take place in complete or semi darkness.
• Run facing the on-coming traffic on country lanes and side roads, always advise fellow runners of on-coming vehicles.
• When we run in built up areas, pay close attention to streetlights, pedestrians, and traffic. Many drivers don’t expect runners to be in the suburbs and may not be looking out for you.
• Again when running in a group in built up areas, special care must be taken when crossing busy roads. Always make your own decisions, don’t just follow others. Try to use zebra crossings and traffic islands to cross the road. A large group of runners does not have any right of way. Please cross roads in an organised ‘walking’ group mode – not in ‘jogging’ dribs and drabs.
• Don’t run with headsets or earphones, it prevents you from hearing approaching people or cars
• Carry some kind of identification, or write your name and phone number on your running shoes. If you have a health condition, wear a medical alert bracelet or ID tag with pertinent information and let the Club know – so we can help in an emergency.
• Be very aware of, and respect the animals we run past.
• Share responsibility for ‘running group’ security – don’t let anyone ‘drop’ or be lost from your group. Appoint a ‘Tail End Charlie’ If you are leading a group then be sure you have occasional stops to make sure everyone is accounted for.
• In hot and sunny weather ensure you stay well hydrated and wear protective headgear.
• When in earshot of hecklers, stay together in a bunch and ‘run on and ignore’ any abuse directed at you.
• When running on ill lit tracks and footpaths – step a little higher and advise the runners behind you of any specific hazard.
• Being such a large group now we are at risk when we gather near our lamppost outside The Buff. Before and after runs, we must stay off the road and gather on the grass nearby.

When running on your own:

• Don’t wear headphones when running. They make you less in tune with your surroundings and more difficult to hear cars or someone running behind you. They can make you vulnerable to all sorts of mishaps. ..Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t run in quiet spots or remotes areas and keep to busy and familiar routes or parks. If you must run in the early morning hours, or late evening, make sure you keep to well-lit areas.
• Make sure you tell someone of your running route and what time you’ll be back.
• Alternate your routine so that you’re not running the same route on the same day.
• Try and run with a partner – if not, take your dog!
• Always run facing on-coming traffic.
• Cross roads at crossings and always be aware of traffic lights. Make sure you make eye contact with the driver before crossing in front of a car.
• Don’t run wearing jewellery – this can put you at risk from muggings.
• Do take change for the phone or your mobile in case of emergencies (keep it tucked in shorts or pocket).
• Always carry identification or write your name and phone number on your shoes.
• Wear light or reflective clothing.

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