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Local Parkruns

Parkrun has become a staple of the running week for many members of the club. There are a number of local Parkruns which have a significant ORR presence, either in runners, marshals or both. The nearest Parkruns to you can be found on the Park run website, but some of our favourites include:

  • Orpington Parkrun - run on a mixture of grass and gravel track.

  • Swanley Parkrun - run on a combination of grass, permanent paths and trail paths.

  • Hobblingwell Parkrun - run on a mixture of grass, trail and permanent paths.

  • Squerries Parkrun - run on a mixture of trail paths and field edges.

  • Bromley Parkrun - this is the fastest Parkrun locally if you are looking for a PB. In the winter run mostly on tarmac and in summer on grass. 

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