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Please read the "Rules of Membership and Disclaimer" and as you sign up please click accept to indicate your agreement with them

Orpington Road Runners Rules of Membership and Disclaimer

General Principles

  • Orpington Road Runners exists purely to offer an opportunity for like-minded runners to exercise together in a group and nothing more.

  • The Club is operated and managed by a number of volunteers in their free time and these volunteers cannot accept any responsibility for any events that occur at the Club. These volunteers may or may not have taken any training or coaching.

  • All attendees should consider the Club as an informal gathering of people who will run together in a loosely structured format.

  • Every person attending the Club must take full and complete responsibility for their own actions. Know your limits.

  • If you have any medical conditions or injuries that could affect you, it’s your responsibility to make the Club and the Run Leader aware of these.

  • The Club does not discriminate against any attendees and will make reasonable adjustments, when possible, to cater for all individuals.

  • A maximum of three trial sessions are available before a commitment to the club through membership is sought.

  • Members are encouraged to volunteer to help with operating of the club, for example by marshalling at one of our races or helping to organise an event. It does not need to be a major commitment, but it all helps spread the load.

  • All attendees are expected to behave with mutual respect and in a way that does not endanger others or bring the club into disrepute. Not complying with this may result in termination of membership.

  • Orpington Road Runners may use your photographs to share on social media. If you do not wish for this to happen, please contact the Club Secretary.

  • Any matters of concern should be directed at the Orpington Road Runners Management Committee via the Chair, Vice-Chair or Club Secretary.


Joining the Club

  • The minimum age that we can accept is 16. Notwithstanding the minimum age for entry, the club does not discriminate against any attendees of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs; or of age, sex or disability except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of athletics and running as particular sports

Training with the Club

  • It’s your decision alone whether or not you are fit and able to run. If you are unsure you must consult a GP or appropriate medical professional. We recommend that you can run at least five kilometres comfortably before participating in a Club Night (unless running with a beginners group)

  • All runners must pay attention to any briefing delivered by the Run Leader prior to beginning the Club Night.

  • If you feel dizzy, faint or unwell it’s your responsibility to stop exercising and to notify the Run Leader and other runners of this. If you stop mid-session you must not go home without notifying the Run Leader.

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for running must be worn. You should dress appropriately for both the weather and the lighting conditions.

  • During darker evening runs we recommend that you bring a torch or wear a head torch together with reflective clothing. High visibility reflective clothing must be worn for runs on public roads.

  • All participants should carry identification as well as an ICE contact. This may be to write your name and phone number on your running shoes, or an ORR tag. If you have a health condition, wear a medical alert bracelet or ID tag with pertinent information and let the Run Leader and Club know – so we can help in an emergency.

  • We recommend that you run with your mobile phone.

  • Don’t run with headsets or earphones, it prevents you from hearing running guidance as well as the surrounding environment.

  • Ensure you are well-hydrated during runs, especially during longer runs or in warmer weather conditions.

  • When running on poorly lit paths or tracks, inform those behind of any obstacles or hazards.

  • Run facing the on-coming traffic on country lanes and side roads, always advise fellow runners of on-coming vehicles. Take care when crossing busy roads and always make your own decisions, don’t just follow others. Try to use zebra crossings and traffic islands when appropriate and do so as a group.

  • The Run Leader leading the session reserves the right to refuse to let you run with the group.

  • Each runner must accept full and complete liability for their actions.


  • Orpington Road Runners may use photographs of you with or without your name for publicity, advertising or website content relating to the club’s activities. If you do not wish for this to happen, please contact the Club Secretary.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance

  • When you join the Orpington Road Runners, you agree to provide enough personal information to allow us to contact you and to contact someone on your behalf in case of emergency. We undertake to safeguard this information and do not make it available to third parties. You consent to this by joining or renewing your membership as part of your agreement to the Rules of Membership and Disclaimer.

  • Your permission for the Orpington Road Runners to give your information to England Athletics or to race organisers will be sought explicitly.

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